RKB September Monthly Prime Webinar

Everything you must know | Let’s Learn & Prepare

    Explanation On Charts :

  • Index Analysis
  • Stocks Analysis
  • Commodity’s Analysis
  • Currency Analysis
  • Breakout & Hot Stocks to WatchOut
  • Past & Coming Month's Analysis


  • A detailed analysis on charts exclusively by Rakesh Bansal with all major and relevant indices covered like Nifty, BankNifty, IT, Pharma etc.
  • Stock Analysis with techno evaluation and all possibilities, probabilities, warnings (if any) and everything chart is saying to us- will be explained in simple language which will help in chart study and future trading too.
  • Breakout stocks, Hot News Related and Popular stocks will also be discussed to get a better information  & idea about markets and stocks. This will  help you in trading for coming days and weeks.
  • Along with all above, there will be Commodity’s Analysis on charts elaborating the current situation and future possibilities.
  • For Currency traders, we will also discuss Major Currency Dollar charts and will try to elaborate the current and future according to the charts.
  • For learning and improvement the 'Past Month Learning & Analysis' will be done so that we can refer to the same and improve earning potential further.
  • Interestingly, this will help not only the professional traders, but also the new entrants of the stock market.
  • This is MUST SUBSCRIBED WEBINAR. This will be done regularly on monthly basis.